Make Money Selling Domains and Websites for OthersTech-savvy individuals can earn money by selling websites and domains for technological-challenged people. To better understand the business it is good to know what is a website and domain, and the steps involved in transacting sales. This business is a good start-up side business which can quickly transition into primary income.

Domain Name Information

The Internet’s domain name system (DNS) is an address to refer to websites. This name, also called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the location online where users can find a website. The domain name chosen for the website describes the online presence and what the website is about.

The beginning of a website address is the World Wide Web or www dot. After this, is the second-level domain and then the top-level domain. Each level is unique to the website itself.

The second-level domain is the name which is associated with the theme of the website, such as “website name”. This name needs to describe the purpose of the website. The name should be short and easy to remember. It can be a meaningful word or phrase.

The top-level domain is a name that is chosen from a list. It is not a created name. This is often called a generic domain (gTLD). The most popular domain extensions online are: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .US, .EDU, .MIL, and many others. A website name may be something like, “”. Let’s take a closer look at these extensions.

  • .COM – this extension was created for commercial sites. Companies in the marketplace doing business transactions online choose this name. However, during the nineties people began grabbing up this extension because it was trendy. Numerous people have saved dot com addresses, to the point there are not many left. This domain name may be registered without restriction.
  • .NET – was created for companies on a network. However, when people cannot find the dot com name they want, they usually choose a dot net for their website domain. This domain name may be registered without restriction.
  • .ORG – is reserved for not-for-profit organizations. Churches, charities, and healthcare organizations usually use this domain extension. This domain name may be registered without restriction.
  • .US or .GOV – Dot US names are part of country names. (Banks usually used this extension). Dot GOV indicates a governmental site. Another government extension is WHITEHOUSE.GOV, which indicates the presidential websites. This extension is restricted.
  • .EDU – indicates an educational system. This domain name is restricted to only websites dedicated to higher education, such as universities.
  • .MIL – this extension is dedicated to the United States military forces and is restricted for public use.

In 2001 and 2002, four new top-level domain names were created by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). These new names are: .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME, AND PRO. Dot Biz is for businesses, Dot Info is for informational websites. Dot Name is for real or fictional name or personal pages. Dot Pro is for professional websites such as lawyers, accountants, and physicians.

Domain Names Should Have Value

Domain names which sell well will have certain aspects which give them value. Dot com sells better than other lower-level domains. This is especially true if choosing a domain for a business. Dot com lends a boost of credibility. Most users are familiar with dot com and will get frustrated trying to remember other levels of domains.

Domains which are shorter in length are easier to remember. It also is easier for patrons to spread the word about the URL. People who have domains with one possible spelling will also have an easier time of selling. It is a sad fact many people cannot spell, so having a long domain with words with more than one way of spelling will lower the value of the domain name.

Information on Websites

A website is a collection of web pages grouped together. These webpages can be found by entering a URL or the web address. Each web page on the website contains informative content.

Websites are hosted on a computer system, known as a web server. Most people are familiar with the other term for server which is HTTP. There are two main categories in regards to websites, they are static and interactive. A static websites makes visible information without user and owner interaction. However, an interactive website allows communication between user and owner and is trendier these days.

Appraising Domains

Domain names are not the same. They can be created or purchased. The best ones are more expensive. Before buying a name, research domain name appraisal sites. Most of these sites create values on names by basing their appraisals on a wide selection of website sales. Choose a domain appraisal which offers a certification. Prior to purchasing an appraisal, make sure that the business is valid.

Selling Domain Names for Clients

Enterprising individuals can make money by selling domains. Offer services to clients who own addresses. Owners of domains purchase the name for a reason and then they either can’t follow through on creating a website or the product they want to sell is no longer a viable option for creating a website. Sell the domain at auction on the behalf of the client.

Other ways of making money is by placing already purchased domains on hosting websites which auction them off as little as $5 or as much as $50,000 or more. Park websites and old domains at auction sites which then can be purchased and then sold.

Selling Websites for Clients

Individuals can make money by offering to sell websites for website owners who want to sell. Having experience in the market of websites is essential. Buying and selling virtual property can be frustrating and hard to know exactly what is being bought. Anyone interested in buying and selling sites should consider hiring an attorney who will draw documents to protect the interests of all parties involved. Also, it is imperative to receive a clear title on the domain.

When selling websites, it is important to write the title and any copyrighted content into the sales contract. By the time the deal closes on the purchase of virtual property, make certain the domain is out of the client’s name, the new owner possesses the passwords to the hosting, control panel, and ftp.

Steps in Trading Clients Domains or Websites

  • Become educated about domains and websites
  • Gain experience trading domains and websites
  • Market your business online. Purchase a website. Advertise you specialize in buying and selling domain names and websites for clients.
  • Consult with an attorney. Draw up any standard documents to protect yourself and your clients. Use these documents when trading.
  • When business is slow try trading turnkey websites, visit auction sites, and begin flipping domains and websites.

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