money-smartphoneAre you one of the over 1 billion Smartphone users in the world? Or, are you a cell phone user who is considering switching to a Smartphone? Smartphones offer all of the benefits of a telephone and a computer in a convenient hand/pocket size. This is why so many people are switching, and why new cell phone users are opting for Smartphones.

However, a majority of users are not aware that it is actually possible to make money using a Smartphone. Not only are some users making money enough to cover their monthly bills, they’re making spending money on top of it. If you have a Smartphone, you can do it too. Even younger users, like teenagers, can use the simple strategies and apps that you will discover in this tutorial.

What Kind of Smartphone do I Need? It depends on what strategies and apps you want to use to make money off your Smartphone. The iPhone has the most money-making possibilities. Those that run on the Android platform are a close second to the iPhone when it comes to money-making apps and programs. There are also a limited number of money-making Smartphone apps available for the Blackberry.

If you don’t own an iPhone or an Android, you may want to consider switching over. The costs that you’ll incur by switching may end up paying for themselves when you start making money off of your iPhone or Android.

Six Money-Making Smartphone Apps: Once you’ve got a Smartphone, making money starts with uploading apps. Here are six to consider using so that you can get your phone working for you, instead of the other way around:

1) CheckPoints: CheckPoints is a program that helps product manufacturers see how many consumers are aware of their products. It’s another way of advertising, just like a tv commercial or newspaper ad, except this way the producer has a tangible measurement of how many people are viewing their products.

How it works: Download the CheckPoints app. It’s available for download from the iTunes store. You can also find the download by going to the Checkpoints page on The app is free for downloading.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded your app, you’ll create a profile. Then, you can use it the next time you go shopping. Pull it out whenever you shop at a major chain store. That includes grocery stores (even smaller ones), toy stores, pharmacies and more. Tap on your location, and you’ll be given a list of nearby products to scan with your Smartphone.

Next, locate the featured products in the store. Tap on the product, and aim at the product’s bar code. Each time you scan a featured product, it’s recorded on your CheckPoints profile. Each product scan is worth a few points. Your points are stored, and when you accumulate enough of them you can trade them in for prizes. Rewards range from gift cards to electronics like iPads to airline tickets.

Available for: iPhone & Android platforms. You must have Internet access or a data plan to use CheckPoints.

Our review: If it’s cash rewards you’re looking for, you may not want to bother with the CheckPoints app. However, you can earn some pretty great prizes so if you don’t mind earning stuff instead of cash, this is an easy program to participate in. We think this program is an especially good one for teens to participate it, since they tend to have lots of time to devote to something like this.

One thing we really like about the CheckPoints program is that you can even use your reward points to make cash donations to some popular charities. Some of the charities that are supported by the CheckPoints program include the American Red Cross, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Humane Society of the United States and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The only downside is that it can get cumbersome to keep scanning products if you’re trying to grocery shop at the same time. It makes for a long shopping trip! But some people won’t mind spending a little more time at the grocery store if they’re earning free stuff.

2) Shopkick: Here’s another app that pays you to shop. Like the CheckPoints app, Shopkick does not pay cash. Instead, users earn points which can be exchanged for gift cards to be used in sponsoring stores. Some of Shopkick’s sponsoring retailers include Toys R Us, Old Navy, Crate & Barrel, Best Buy, Target, American Eagle Outfitters and several more.

How it Works: Shopkick has a set number of retail sponsors. Whenever you visit one of the authorized sponsor retail stores (known as “walk-in” reward stores), open up the Shopkick app. These stores have digital devices that recognize your phone and app and record your visit. Getting points is literally as easy as walking in the doors!

Sometimes sponsors will offer the chance to earn bonus points. They do this by asking you to scan the bar codes of certain products in the store. These additional points help you earn rewards even faster. Rewards are offered electronically through the app, and usually come in the form of gift cards or specific free products.

Available for: iPhone and Android platforms. Special bonus offers are available for iPhone users only. You must have Internet access or a data plan to use Shopkicks.

Our review: We like the fact that you can rack up a lot of points simply by walking into stores. It’s a simple program to participate in, and we think teens will be especially fond of it.
A downside is the fact that you don’t earn cash with the Shopkicks program. While prizes are great, they won’t pay your Smartphone bill. Still, you might be able to earn the equivalent of one monthly phone payment which you can spend on something and use the money you would have paid for it to pay your bill.

Another potential downside is that users are limited to the number of times they can Shopkick in each store per day and/or scan products (usually once per day). Another potential drawback is that you don’t necessarily receive the same number of points (known as “kicks”) for entering a store today that you got when you entered the same store yesterday. Make sure that you check those “kick” numbers daily.

Likewise, a store in one location may give you 100 kicks, while the same store in other location may only reward you with 75 kicks. All of these details can be found within your Shopkicks app.

Finally, Shopkicks uses a GPS system to determine when a Shopkick app user has entered a participating store. A significant number of complaints have been registered by users and sponsors of malfunctioning GPS units or readings resulting in incorrect or no “kicks” being rewarded. The company is working at fixing these system glitches, and they are becoming fewer and farther between.

3) We Reward: This app pays you a fee for buying and photographing yourself with specific products. You need only to download the We Reward app and register for an account. The app can be found at We To download it, go to the site and click the “Sign up now” button. On the next page, make sure to select the “sign up as a user” option.

On the next page, fill in your email address and create a password. You’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll need to fill in some basic information to create a profile. After this, you’ll be given the opportunity to invite friends to participate in the We Reward program and earn prizes for successful referrals. Finally, you can download the app.

Once you download, you’ll have access to a list of qualifying products. Some may be general products (such as grocery items) that you can purchase anywhere you want. Others may be specific menu items that you must order at a particular restaurant. Then, just snap a photo of yourself with your purchase and upload it to the app.

You must actually buy the product in order to qualify for payment, so no pulling items off of grocery store shelves, taking a picture and then putting the item back. To prove that you actually purchased the item you’ll need to photograph yourself eating or using it.

Available for: iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. You must have Internet access or a data plan to use this app.

Our review: We like the fact that this program actually gives you a cash reward rather than offering prizes or gift cards. This way you can spend your reward money on whatever you want…. even your Smartphone bill! Payouts are different for each item, so make sure you check this before you actually buy a product.

One downside is the fact that you have to purchase a product (pay money) in order to make money. This program only pays for itself if you happen to already buy and use a lot of the items on the We Reward list.

Even so, we think this program is still worth investing in because it doesn’t take long to snap a photo, and chances are good that you probably use at least some of the sponsoring products sometimes. You might as well earn some money for buying them!

4) Gigwalk: This app gives users the opportunity to search and apply for odd and short-term, contract-style jobs in their area of residence. It was created as a tool for business owners who periodically require staff/short-term contractors in locations outside of their city of business. Gigwalk connects those employers with people in other locales who can complete the work they need done.

How it Works: Users can go to and download the Gigwalk app. Once downloaded, you’ll receive instructions on how to register and create a profile online. Make sure that you take the time to fill out your profile completely with as much detail about your skills and interests as possible. These are the things that potential employers will be looking at when determining who to hire to complete their “gigs.”

Once you’ve registered and completed your profile, you’ll be able to use your app to find “gigs” or jobs in your area. The kinds of “gigs” that Gigwalk promotes are:

* Mystery shopping

* Store audits

* Focus groups

* Canvassing

* Field audits

* Office administration

* Event staffing

* Technical Installation

* Photography

* Real estate inspection and appraisal

* Deliveries

* Mobile app testing

You can peruse the jobs available in your area and apply for any and all that appeal to you. The employer’s post will include what the “gig” entails, how long it will take to complete, and how much compensation is offered.

Chances are good that many people will apply for the same gigs, so having a persuasive and impressive profile is imperative at helping you get selected for jobs. Once you have completed a gig, the employer is able to leave feedback about you. If you do a good job, the positive feedback you receive will make it more likely that you will get more job offers in the future.

A vast majority of the “gigs” posted on Gigwalk are short-term. Many can be completed in a couple of hours, or in a few hours over a day or two. Compensation varies depending on the employer. It’s not uncommon for Gigwalk users to complete jobs that amount to ten to twenty dollars per hour or even more. However, there are many gigs that pay much less than that and may not be worth your while.

Available for: iPhone and Android platforms. You must have Internet access or a data plan to use this app.

Our review: Gigwalk can be lucrative if you live in major cities/urban centers. Small town residents probably won’t find many gigs (if any) nearby.

Those who do happen to live in big city areas will find lots of opportunities to benefit from the Gigwalk app. Of course, there’s a potential for a lot of competition for gigs, which may be a bit of a downside to this money-making method.

Overall, we think it is well worth giving Gigwalk a try. There’s nothing to lose. If a gig doesn’t appeal to you or doesn’t offer enough pay, you don’t have to pursue it. Plus, the app is free, and it doesn’t take long to view and bid on gigs. If you are good at one or more of the types of jobs Gigwalk promotes you may easily be able to make enough to pay your cell phone bill and then some.

5) Field Agent: This app is similar to the Gigwalk app. The basic idea is to help employers and businesses find short-term contractors to complete tasks on their behalf, just like Gigwalk.

How it Works: The types of jobs that offered by Field Agent clients are similar to those promoted in Gigwalk, including secret shopping, completing surveys, taking photos, product reviews and researching local events and venues. Those who use the app are known as “agents.”

One major difference between Field Agent and Gigwalk is the method in which jobs are posted and offered. Field Agent sends relevant offers directly to its app users (via text or email alert), and jobs may be rewarded based on who responds to the offer first, rather than an employer choosing from a list of qualified users.

Pay varies, depending on the job and the employer. Some pay little, but take only minutes to complete and so are worth doing. Others may take more time to complete, but they usually pay more too.

To get the Field Agent app, potential users must first sign up for an account via the Web at Field Agent’s sign up page. Approved applicants will then be sent instructions on how to download the app and participate in the program.

Available for: iPhone platform. You must have Internet access or a data plan to participate.

Our review: Like Gigwalk, you can’t really lose anything by trying this app out. If you have the time to complete tasks and stay on top of your notifications, you can get lots of offers, maybe more than you would get with Gigwalk.

On the downside, those who live in urban centers have a definite advantage over country dwellers. A significant number of jobs offered in Field Agent can only be done in urban areas.

We also like the fact that you get compensated in cold, hard cash rather than in gift cards or products. This program may very well pay for your Smartphone.

6) App Rewards: This program provides incentives to Smartphone users just to try out other Smartphone apps.

How it Works: Just go to App Rewards and click the “download now” button. This will take you to the iTunes store where the app is available. (You can also go straight to iTunes to find the app.)

Download the app and register your account. Next you will be given a list of other apps that you can get paid to download and use. Many of these apps are free. Some cost, but you can sometimes get reimbursed for the cost of the app in addition to your testing fee. However, sometimes your compensation is not monetary at all, but rather that you get to have the app for free.

Generally speaking, you only have to download an app and open it once to qualify for payment. Some apps on the list will have more detailed instructions that you must follow to receive payment. (Game apps, for example, may require that you actually play the game in order to receive payment.) Overall, the task you must perform typically takes only a few minutes. Compensation depends on the app’s creator and may range from a dollar or two to five dollars or more.

Available for: iPhone platform (including the iPad and iPod). App Rewards claims that an Android version is on the way, but no actual release date has been announced. You must have Internet access or a data plan to use this app.

Our review: You probably won’t get rich using this program. You may not even make enough pay your Smartphone bill.

On the other hand, if you like trying out apps, why not get paid for it? This program isn’t terribly time-consuming, so it’s at least worth a try. You might even get some great free apps out of it. Plus, there’s no cost for downloading the App Rewards app so you can’t lose anything by trying it out.

A word to potential Smartphone money-making app users: Many money-making Smartphone apps and offers are only available to US users. Smartphone users should read all details thoroughly before deciding to download a money-making app and participate in a particular program.

One of the best aspects of money-making Smartphone apps is that they are only apps. Most of them can be downloaded with no commitment or obligation. Users can try out any or all of them, and if they don’t like them they can just delete them.

Hope this helps,

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