get paid for forum postingWhat is a forum?

The Internet is a modern marketplace. People meet online to make purchases and to discuss topics of concern. Online forums are organized according to topic. This way like-minded individuals can discuss thoughts of a similar subject. Many forums have standards by which the community must abide by. There is forum etiquette so members will be considerate to others. In order for the forum to run smoothly, someone must be in charge to administrate policy and procedure. However, new forums have a hard time getting started because no one wants to post. In this case, forum administrators or owners hire people to post in their forum. Posters won’t get rich, but can find a steady income.

Reasons for Forum Posters

The biggest reason for hiring forum posters is forum inactivity. It is hard to acquire new members and to get a forum started. Once a forum does get members it is even harder to get them to take the first step to start a thread or post to a thread. Forums need fresh discussion topics to get the ball rolling. However that is not all. Many people are scared to post in the forum because they’re scared no one will reply.


For a forum administrator or owner to choose a poster, it is essential to have certain minimal skills. These skills would include possessing the ability to communicate efficiently and clearly. It is also important to have a strong command of the English language. For the ability to make even more money, posters should have strong typing skills.


Most forums have at least some type of hiring process. It is fairly easy. The forum administrator or owner will want to know what type of communication skills you possess. They will ask for sample forum posts to make certain that you have the skills you claim to hold.


As stated above, a poster will not get rich posting in forums. Typically, forums will pay about $0.10-$0.25 cents per word to help get a forum started. However, depending on your determination there are sites which will pay $2-$20 a day. Some posters average about $8-$10 an hour and that’s if a poster has strong typing skills. Payments from forums are usually easy. When posters request payment the money is sent out within 24-hours. Forums pay by check or PayPal.

Typical Guidelines

  • Each post must contain a minimum of 20-words
  • All content must be written grammatically correct
  • All work must be completed by the deadline
  • Forum posters should not post more than the daily limit
  • Only acquire work if you have the time to begin immediately
  • Deleted posts/threads must be replaced with new ones
  • Introductions do not count
  • Threads should be thoughtful and promote discussion
  • Posts must be relevant to the thread

Step by Step Instructions to Become a Forum Poster:

  1. Brush up on typing skills
  2. Tighten grammatical skills
  3. Lurk around forums and get the hang of the ends and outs of forums
  4. Research paid-to-post forum websites
  5. Review their guidelines and payment
  6. Apply
  7. Begin earning money as a forum poster

Three Paying Forums

1. WIREDFLAME – is currently hiring forum posters. They pay $0.15 cents for each thread and $0.12 cents for each post. They allow 1-2 threads and 4-6 posts a day. Payments are made every Friday through PayPal.

2. MYLOT – is a very old forum. Posters need to reach $10 worth of postings before payment is rendered through PayPal. This site does use a proprietary earnings algorithm which re-calculates all earnings. This means posters earnings will fluctuate.

3. ITALKMONEY – is a posting paying forum. Posters must post 100 posts before they can request a payout. Members must accumulate $10 worth of postings before a request can be made. Forum members are allowed to open a maximum of 5 new threads per day. Posters will be paid $0.03-$0.20 cents per post depending if the member is an upgraded member. Administrators do deduct points for errors.

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