Do you tweet? Socialize on Facebook? Are you gadget-savvy? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, have you considered using your online social skills to make money? Believe it or not, companies actually pay people to virtually “socialize” on their behalf. Today’s social media is like yesterday’s television commercials. It’s how [...]

There’s never been a better time to make money selling handcrafted items. The last decade has seen a huge market shift in consumers’ buying habits to purchasing more original, hand-crafted items. There are two major reasons for this trend. The first is a new and widespread commitment to the home-based designer and crafter. Consumers have [...]

Everyone is a consumer. We all use dozens, even hundreds of different products every single day of our lives. Many consumers use the same products over and over again for years. Why? Because they like them. And when consumers like a product, they often tell others. In fact, word-of-mouth advertising is so powerful that manufacturers [...]

Are you one of the over 1 billion Smartphone users in the world? Or, are you a cell phone user who is considering switching to a Smartphone? Smartphones offer all of the benefits of a telephone and a computer in a convenient hand/pocket size. This is why so many people are switching, and why new [...]

Both professional and amateur broadcasters all over the world are making money by creating and distributing their own podcasts. As a matter of fact, you need not be a professional broadcaster at all. A majority of the Internet’s podcast success stories are not broadcasters or even public speakers. They’re ordinary people, business men and women, [...]

Are you good at thinking on your feet? Do your friends seek you out for advice? Do others look to you for approval? If you’ve answered yes to one of more of these questions, you probably have the intrinsic skills to become a successful online life coach. What is a life coach? A life coach [...]

People are earning money building links for websites. These links direct online traffic to websites wanting to gain visitors. More traffic means more money for website owners. Correctly built links also means that a website has a greater chance of appearing on Google’s and other search engines first page of search results. This is the [...]

For years now we have seen how people buy real estate, invest money into the property, and then resell it for a profit. Website designers can do the same. Buy a website which has potential, invest time and a little money, and then resell it. To buy websites, perspective buyers need to consider buying a [...]

Tech-savvy individuals can earn money by selling websites and domains for technological-challenged people. To better understand the business it is good to know what is a website and domain, and the steps involved in transacting sales. This business is a good start-up side business which can quickly transition into primary income. Domain Name Information The [...]

What Makes Virtual Gaming So Popular? Virtual gaming is expected to replace the most popular social medias. Today, people read status bars and tweets about friend’s latest thoughts. However, in the near future people will not only know about the latest happenings of a friend’s life but your avatar and your friend’s avatar will be [...]