About Scott

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting How To Earn Money 101. This site is dedicated to helping YOU achieve the success you desire and to help you make more money than ever before.

My name is Scott Lindsay. I have been full time in internet marketing for 10 years. I am best known for showing the power of the internet to make a large 6 figure income year after year. If you will take what I say seriously and apply it, there is no reason you cannot achieve anything your heart desires.

Where I Came From…

I grew up in Michigan and still live there today. My family was very poor. My dad was a construction worker, a Rod buster to be exact, and when he worked, he made good money. However, most of the time he did not have a steady job. We would have been homeless if it wasn’t for my Grandfather and Grandma. They allowed our family of 6 to stay with them.

Growing up I lived a pretty normal childhood. I played sports and hung out with friends. While my friends were content working normal jobs, I always struggled with working for others. I loved freedom and hated to be tied down with people breathing down my neck. I know this at a very young age. To compensate for this, I had several paper routes. A paper route was more like owning your own business and for me, it was a better situation than working at a restaurant washing dishes or waiting tables.

For the next 20 years I worked various jobs and started several businesses. Most of my businesses failed. In 1995 I started a cleaning company and it became moderately successful. I was able to buy my first house and first new car from this business.

A Computer Changed My Life

In 1998 while building my cleaning business, I bought a used computer from a friend of mine for $200. I hooked up my dial up internet access and began surfing the web. Once I got my first experience on the internet I was hooked! Immediately I saw it as a way to make money.

For the next 2 years I learned everything I could about the internet and web design. There were no “internet gurus” or anyone else to help me. I just found any information I could find and studied it.

In 2000, I started my first test website to see if I could get it to grow. This was a basic membership site. Building this website taught me a few things about the basics of web design and internet marketing.

From then on, I continued to build websites and learn how to monetize them. In fact, many of my very first websites have continued to make me a 6 figure income year after year!

My Income

So, to make a long story short, since 2003 I have been continuing to make more money than I ever dreamed was possible. I don’t take this lightly. I am so thankful for where I am today especially coming from such a poor background. In 2003, I gave up my cleaning business and have been full time in the internet marketing world. I did all this without the help of “internet gurus” and their “magic push button software”. I did not promote myself. I simply focused on making money.

In Conclusion

13 years ago, I was very much like you and most people that will visit this site. I was looking to learn how to make more money and willing to do whatever it would take to make that happen. The difference is that I had no one to help me.

Today, there are many people that have already had great success online and one of the things you need to do is follow in their footsteps. That is what I hope to do for you. If you will follow in my footsteps and do the things I have done, you too may be able to achieve online success! Of course I can’t guarantee this, it will all depend on your course of action.

If you would like to get a jump start on the road to online success, I hope you will consider taking my Rapid Money Formula Video Course. This course is one of the most in depth courses you will ever find on making money online.

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To your success!